Saturday, March 9, 2019

Congratulations on your Nomination!

Congratulations Lucy Fairyz for your nomination for Style & Glam ‘s Makeup Artist of the Year !! 

Wednesday, February 27, 2019


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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Welcome to Week Four!! !!

Welp its been a month and its still swollen and painful but it is way more bearable! 

Driving is still very uncomfortable and i cannot stand up straight still but on the plus i think i finally see some results!!

I recommend sitting on a pillow and putting a rolled towel between u and lap band of seatbelt to keep pressure off of incision area 

Let me introduce you to VASER MASSAGE @hurwitzcenter my post op treatments included this new high tech procedure which is sort of like a heated massage machine that assist in lymph drainage and reduces swelling while decreasing pain

The 1st treatment i was SO SWOLLEN i felt like my skin was going to burst or had like a BUSTED can of BISCUITS 1 hour later i finally had some relief since stopping the pain medication 2 weeks before!

S/n i chose to stop pain meds once my kids returned for dads i do not recommend u stop early or that u take any narcotic pain meds while caring for any other person. Ijs

I continued these treatments every other day for 2 weeks so far and each time the swelling goes down tremendously.

Dr. Allina Stite does an amazing job and is also funny while being considerate of the pain i was in still 

What it feels like:
Similar to a tanning bed in that afterwards the area feels like a sunburn under the skin

You will use the bathroom a lot in the next 24 hours! Because you are supposed to drink extra water to help flush things out 

Here are some week 4 pics incl. The vaser machine see u next week

 XOXO Lucy

Welcome to week 2 and 3 post op!

Few notes from last week i forgot,

My kids did have to stay with their dad the first 10 days the pain was to severe to care for them.

Around the 10 day mark i start getting antsy n frustrated im swollen and i cant move without pain.

A week later i am still swollen in the front and the bulge is rock hard oh fun times!

At this point my stomach muscle has loosened enough for me to wash my hair and do the BARE MINIMUM of housework meaning quick easy dinners and doing the dishes i tried sweeping the floor and the side to side motion was no Bueno!! Ouch!

 Here's this post updated pix c u next week

Xoxo Lucy 

Thursday, October 11, 2018


Feeling very nervous i went in for my tt procedure at 630 am and was under the knife by 8am😀
Around 1pm i remember coming out of anesthesia.

I opened my eyes and the pain and reality punched me in the freakin soul!!!

I have NEVER felt pain like this even having had a baby natural!

This was unreal hysterical pain to which they gave me a percocet which i found out in that moment im allergic to! I instantly started gagging crying hysterically and dry heaving as i was discharged to go home.

I barely remember the ride home but heres a few fun highlights:
Dr tells my assistant rub her calf for blood clots i yell no dont fuckin touch me at her n black out
My aunt drives me home n i insist she parks across the street and let me the fuck out now meanwhile i have no real idea where i am LOL
I get in the house and try to crawl up to my room crying im gonna die and dry heaving the entire time 
Over the next 24 hours i cant remember much but ive been told i was a raging bitch and i need to apologize. I also apparently threw up on my assistant mel (im sorry again😂) i woke up to stick my finger down my throat a few times and pee but the 1st day was a blur of pain tears bitchiness sweating and dry heaving. I was totally convinced i was going to die yall like for real!!
Day 2 

After the percocet sickness wore off i did apologize to everyone but the pain was still beyond words and i had to get up and empty these gross drains hangin from my former fupa area OUCH IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT! I slept thru as much of the 1st 3 days as i possibly could. Nobody can accurately prepare u for the pain after or the bruising i looked in the mirror the next day and i looked like mayweathers punching bag!! Que hysterical crying cuz know i really know im going to die from pain LOL im apparently dramatic when im sick or in pain who knew 😂


The 1st week

At the end of the 1st week i go to get the drains removed finally and they were mildly uncomfortable to pull out but as the dr was removing them i realized my belly button is almost at my ribs *que next freak out* lol the swell hell i heard about has just set in and it was 100x worse than i could imagine i felt like my skin was gonna burst!

Over the week i swelled daily until i got a vaser lymph massage at my drs office overnight i finally got some pain relief since then ive had it done almost every other day and at 3 weeks id say its 75% better i still cant stand up straight or lay flat but its definitely on the road to healing.


More to come next week!

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Opportunity knocked

Welcome to makeup fairyz blog! 

Today im going to discuss a very personal matter with you.

If you have any negative comments please keep them to yourself!


As some of you may know my main job in life is being a mother, i became a mom for the 1st time at 14 years old i was a mom before i was an actual woman.


23 years and 9 kids later the opportunity knocked on my door to get a TUMMY TUCK and after deep thought and prayer i have decided Y.O.L.O. and i will be getting it done this week on friday!!


I am SUPER nervous and excited to see what i would have looked like if i would have waited til i matured to have kids! At the same time im also aware of the seriousness of this surgery and the risk so i thought i would share this journey with you all step by step as honestly as possible in case you are considering getting it done too.


1. Research your surgeon and meet with more than 1 doctor! I chose HURWITZ PLASTIC SURGERY CTR in oakland(pgh pa) based on reputation, accreditations and price as well as Dr hurwitz personality i felt he was a great choice for me. He listened to my questions concerns and budget restrictions and addressed them all with ease.


2.plan your childcare and ride to and from WAAAAY in advance. I unfortunately couldnt do this over summer break so i had to make arrangements as i could not the ideal but im sure ill get thru it ive planned 3 days of total bedrest and well see how i feel after that


3.Be realistic about your body goals and recovery! I am totally aware this will be painful and i will not look like kim kardashian afterwards but i will look like the best me possible and there are some health reasons why i chose to do this. Its not about being perfect its about being the best me i can be!


4.get tylenol ice extra pillows make a pot of your fav soup in advance i also have a shower seat and walker coming to get thru the 1st 2 weeks because i read i wont be able to stand up straight.


As of now this is what ive done to get ready for what im told is a life changing experience so please pray for me and ill keep you updated


Congratulations on your Nomination! Congratulations Lucy Fairyz for your nomination for Style & Glam ‘s Makeup Ar...